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Bollywood Actress in Action Role

Bollywood actress in Action Role!
bollywood actress in Action Role is one amoung top discussed topic in recent times.
There is always a question on Why female actress not accepted in Action Role?
Here are few discussion topics on bollywood actress in Action Role.
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Why female actress not accepted in Action Role
why audience are sexist

-no female actress is accepted in action role… they are mere show piece in most of the film..
only few hollywood actresses like angelina jolie succeeded
why only films like Gunda, why not Gundi

-does tollywood accept actress in action role?? yeah all indian films comes in picture

no but generally these are exceptional cases i think

i cant imagine any other lady in action role except for Angelina Jolie… wanted, mr.& mrs. smith,
tomb raider… original sin was also action film

There have been many Heroine oriented movies in Hindi as well…

around 2 % … that too rona dhona mostly

well its good south indian are accepting females in action role

Hindi film actresses cant even act… forget about action

two two mods… wrong timing


original sin a action film???

ya…sure …lots of it frm angelina jolie…….


2 Responses to “Bollywood Actress in Action Role”

  1. srinivas on: 7 February 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Many Bollywood actresses in the past have done Action roles. In modern era and in Mainstream cinema other than B-grade movies, the first one to do action role was Zeenat Aman in Don(1978). Then onwards many actresses have done guy bashing roles in Bollywood. I am leaving behind South Indian Cinema b’coz there are many movies in which Heroinesa have done action roles without a Male lead that I would discuss with list of movies in next section but in bollywood the only genuine female oriented action movie is Phool Bane Angaaray(1991) in which Rekhaji plays a Super cop and takes charge after the inyerval. Apart from that no other actress shown much courage neither producer has any guts to produce suc a movie akin to those made in Tollywood(telugu), Mollywood(malayalam) or Sandalwood(kannada). Kollywood(tamil) cinema doesn’t have any such action heroine like Vijayashanthi, Vani Viswanath or Malashree. Katrina kaif under her own production is to act in an action movie in which akshay Kumar and Ranbir Kapoor will play a cameo. this will the full fledged heroine Oriented action movie made in Bollywood in the new millennium provided it goes on fllors soon(March’11 ) as announced by katrina herself. she even hired foreign trainers for the role. The movie(female action enthusiasts) hope is released with proper publicity on time without the evil of red-tapism or we should hope that it is not shelved due to no male lead in it like Sushmita starrer one movie was shelved because it had no male leads. She was playing a role on the lines of La Femme Nikita which was to released in 2004-05.

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