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“ Shahrukh Khan “ to Support Marathi Films

Shahrukh Khan who has expressed his opinion about the promotion of Marathi cinema in Mumbai multiplexes.

Shahrukh said, “I am not favoring any political party when I am saying this but as a film person, I have always wanted regional cinema to flourish. The best of stories are told in regional films and it is our duty to provide them with the platform they need. As far as financial issues are concerned, the theatre owners need to sit down and chalk out a plan that would be mutually agreeable to both parties. Lot of times people don’t watch these films because they don’t understand the language so it is important that subtitles are introduced. Marathi films or any regional films should be shown at prime time.”

Shahrukh is still unable to speak the language of the state, sounding apologetic the superstar stated, “I am living in Mumbai for the past 20 years but I haven’t learnt the language completely. I do know how to speak, ‘Maaza Naav Shahrukh Khan aahe’ (My name is Shah Rukh Khan) or ‘Pudhe gatirodhak aahe’ (speed breaker ahead) but I am learning from my children. They speak Marathi.”


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    “ Shahrukh Khan “ to support Marathi Films….

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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