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Akshay Kumar Not Comfortable to Talk in English

Bollywood Gossips 2011 | Akshay Kumar not comfortable to talk in English

The Latest Bollywood Gossip that is making news is about Akshay Kumnar’s statement, in which he said he is not comfortable talking in English.

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar who is busy promoting his film Desi Boyz all around the country said “I’ve realized my fans love the dialogues I say on screen. And those are in Hindi. Why speak in a language your are not comfortable with? After all success is about being comfortable in your own skin and I’m finally doing that.
After all, we’re Hindi film stars. We earn our bread and butter from Bollywood.
I’m proud to be desi. I’m a desi boy from Delhi and I’m very proud of who I am and I am proud of my roots. My fans love me for being being humble and hard working. They love me for speaking to them in their language; they connect with me because I remind them of their roots.”


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