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Joker is a Serious Film About a Mysterious Place

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

JOKER is a serious film about a Mysterious place| February 2012 Bollywood Gossips

The Latest Bollywood Gossip of the year February 2012 is about the upcoming Bollywood Hindi Movie JOKER, which stars Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role is a serious 3D Film about the place that is lost in the Map of India.

The director of Joker Shirish Kunder talking about the story line of the film says “The story revolves around a place that has been lost from the map of India.

Akshay is playing the lead, everyone thinks Joker is a comedy, which it’s not. Though this film is sci-fi, it has doses of humor.”

Shirish Kunder talking about the 3D technology said “When you shoot with 3D in mind, you do it differently. For example, when you shoot a close up for 2D, you blur the background but when you do it keeping 3D in mind, you shoot it in wide angle so everything behind the object also comes clearly. The usage of lens is different in this style and one can create layers while shooting in 3D.”

Shirish Kunder also spoke about the lead actress Sonakshi Sinha and told “She plays the role of a Westerner with Indian origins. She comes from abroad when she hears of this mysterious place, and the story develops from there on.”


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