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Srk And Imran Khan May Play Brothers in Vettai Remake

SRK and Imran Khan may play brothers in Vettai Remake | Bollywood Gossips 2012

The Latest Bollywood Gossip of the year 2012 is about the Bollywood Actors Shahrukh Khan and Imran Khan, who may be playing the role of Brothers in the Hindi Version of the Tamil film VETTAI.

VETTAI was a huge block buster in the south. The brothers role were played by Arya and Madhavan in the Tamil film.

UTV has decided to pair Shahrukh Khan and Imran Khan for the same role. This paring is expected to create a huge buzz in the Bollywood.

A source says “UTV, who have earned huge profits with the Tamil film, would rather take the remake further with two big stars in the lead roles.  And since Shah Rukh and Imran have shied away from remakes of South Indian films, the production house feels that the novelty factor of their pairing will add to the edge of the remake.”


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