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Tweets From Bollywood Actors on The Demises of Yash Chopra

Tweets from Bollywood Actors on the demises of Yash Chopra

Shahrukh Khan: Whenever my loved ones depart…I feel a part of me extinguishes itself with them. Will there come a day….. that I will no longer have a bit of myself to let go of? And then the thought follows…that every time they have taken some of me…..  with them onto their last journey , I have found a fragment of them left inside me too…I will always have some love to give…. and I will always be both emptied and replenished by the loved ones I lose. I keep u with me Yashji and I miss u too Yashji…lots.

Akshay Kumar: I’m in shock and numb, can’t believe the news, the man who immortalised love, Mr. Yash Chopra is no more. May his soul…

Farhan Akhtar: Today I understand the phrase ‘The end of an era’. RIP Yash uncle.

Amitabh Bachchan : Yash Chopra – 44 years of association .. of creativity, friendship, fun and family ties .. each moment so vivid even now .. gone !!

Priyanka Chopra: Ab Mohabbat ka Bhi dil toot Gaya… RIP Yashji.. Thank u for always being so kind to me..thank u for showing us what love should be..

Preity Zinta: Yash Uncle we will miss you. May god give peace to your soul . R. I. P

Shahid Kapoor: No words ….. Just RESPECT …. A legend in the true sense .. RIP yash ji ..

Bipasha Basu: We lost the iconic,inspiring n always smiling Yash Chopra today.Saddened and shocked by this news.He will be missed forever.RIP Yash

Sridevi : Deeply saddened by the shocking news of Yashji passing away, he was full of warmth & affection whenever we met, he will be missed forever.

Dilip Kumar : Shattering, hard to accept. Yash was more than a friend, a brother. I am numb and have no words to express my grief.

Shabana Azmi : Yashji!!!! How could you go? On your 80th birthday we wished for u to make 80 more films..its heartbreaking. Deepest condolences to d family.


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