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Dear i Really Miss Your Mystified Eyes

Dear I really miss your mystified eyes

I have not seen you for long time. I really miss your mystified eyes which always showed wonder and appreciation for me. I crave to see the beautiful smile you spread around. I seek your kind gesture which always stood up for me and championed me all through the way. I believe in you dear. And here, I’m waiting for you. I am waiting for that person whom I saw through my eyes of unlimited potential. That person, who always finds possibilities of a better world where everyone chooses to become love. That one, who surrenders himself to God with his non-resistance and who embraces all that can’t be changed. That human being, who has the courage to stand for the truth he believes in even if his voice shakes and the persistence to accomplish the work he has started already. I am seeking him. In this beautiful evening, will I get the honor of getting the touch of that man?

Wake up dear! Your best self is waiting for you to unfold, to cherish you, to nourish you and to match you with your oath that you made to life in past. Stand up and take the first step

Step by step you will reach me. I’m waiting dear.

Take control:) I love you so much:)

With love and light,


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