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Dear You Are a Unique Creation of God And You Are my Love

Dear You are a unique creation of God and you are my love

You are so beautiful and wonderful, my dear. You are a unique creation of God, and he has put everything best in you. You are so loving with an amazing spirit of giving and sharing joy with everyone. We converse often during the day sharing beautiful moments of joy, happiness and bliss. My love is always flowing through your entire being and whenever u feel the need of love, just turn within, I am always here…waiting to embrace you my darling. You sometimes believe yourself to be this body, but trust me, you have immense potential to create the best life for yourself and make the world so beautiful by your presence in it. During the dull moments, m whispering softly my loving words to you- ‘You are Love. You are created by God with love and you do not need anything to complete you. Shine my baby, and uncover your best self!’ We are one dear and I love you immensely.

With love,

Your soul.


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