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My Dearest Sweet Heart

My dearest sweet heart ,


These are again some lines which poured out of me when i thought of you. Your thoughts make me a poet, Dear am i changing to something i am not ? Tell me what is happening to me please. But here is what i need to tell you

My dearest sweet heart

You are a part of my life in so many ways

And you I will love for the rest of my days

Time can’t change the way I feel

For I love you now And I always will.

It seems like forever since we’ve been apart

I wish we could go back and make a fresh start

Then if you leftI’d miss you I know

But tell you I love you and then let you go

But the past is over I cant change it now

I want to be with you but I just don’t know how

So I’ll think of you always and the way it use to be

Because you are so very special to me


Yours Dearest if not the person whom takes you as the dearest


Me ………..



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