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What is Love


” What is Love “


Love is a game

just meant to be played.

Love is a phrase

just overly clichéd.

It’s dominated by cheaters,

players, and rule-breakers.

Where three words often said

are lies spoken by fakers.

Love is an emotion

and hormones are the cause.

Love is perfection

that brings out your flaws.

Young ones are swayed

into believing that it’s real.

Soon concious of mistakes,

next fear is what you feel.

Love is a wish

desired by so many loners.

Love is a sight

shown off by its owners.

It’s a sad pathetic world

when love is only wanted,

for the sake of having it,

and for it to be flaunted.

Love is a drug,

addictive and strong.

Love is a toy.

and you’re strung along.

The endings are painful,

yet again you will start,

to end with more lies and tears,

and another cruelly broken heart.

Love is a reason

to be treated like dirt.

Love is an excuse,

an excuse to get hurt.


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