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For Being a great musician is sadness necessary?
Guys when I look at the childhoods of some of the greatest musicians in the world like A R Rahman, Michael Jackson, Lata Mangeshkar I find a similarity that all 3 had sad childhoods. Michael Jackson as we know was abused by his father whereas Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar both lost their fathers at a very young age and had to take up the responsibility of their family. I wonder whether the sadness in their childhoods made them the greates. I you guys can think of any other examples please chip in. Also in one of the interviews Rahman had said that pain is very important for a musician.
K J Yesudas is another one who had to go through a lot of hardships during his early days.
i wud say yes… it is necessary that u endure a little hardship or struggle in existence to get a philosophical view on life. after all wat’s art without philosophy?

pain.. when combined with a positive outlook… can only deepen your resolve and strengthen your faith… in god or yourself

tats wen u try… really try

trust me… im one of them
 also believe that some of the best work that Rahman has done has its inspiration coming from pain. because in pain or sadness your art is the only thing that you can turn to.


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