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Kannada Actor Kishen to Make a Record With Underwater Song

Kannada Actor Kishen to make a record with underwater song  | Sandalwood Gossips 2012

The Kannada Actor Master Kishen has already made a Guinness world record as the youngest director to direct the Kannada film Footpath at the age of nine, which star casted Bollywood Actor Jackie Shroff.

Now Kishen is all set to make another record for a song sequence in the Kannada film Teenage. Kishen who is working as the lead actor in his father’s film Teenage has shot an entire song sequence underwater. The Kannada song Ondonde kanasu, jameyago wayassu is shot at a city school’s swimming pool. The song features lead actors Kishen and Tanvi and is choreographed by Murali.

A source from the unit says “Everyone involved with the shot had to wear underwater breathing equipment and have weights attached to their feet to be able to stand at the bottom of the pool. We had to take extra care to not allow even an air bubble to escape from anyone’s nose or mouth and disrupt the shot.”

The song was shot inside a seven feet deep pool using a 5D camera.

The director Shrikant has approached the Limca Record Books to get this song recognized as the first ever to be shot completely underwater.


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