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Kannada Superstar Darshan And His Wife Vijaylakshmi Apologized Publically

Sandalwood Gossips 2011 | Kannada Superstar Darshan and his wife VIjaylakshmi apologized publically

The Latest Sandalwood Gossip that is making news is about conditional Bail being granted to the Kannada Superstar Darshan.

Darshan was arrested on 9th September, 2011 for physically assaulting his wife Vijaylakshmi. Darshan who was released on Friday says “We are seeking pardon from the people of Karnataka for our actions which led to many unexpected things. It was a bad moment for us and we did many mistakes. But we feel sorry. We will assure you that such things will not recur in the future and our relationship will be further strengthened because of this episode. ”

Darshan talking about the support from the fans say “ Only now I realise the extent of love they displayed when I was facing rough times.”

Darshan’s wife Vijaylakshmi speaking on the ban slapped on the actress Nikitha Thukral says “I will deny that I had spoken against Nikitha with some producers… which led to the ban of the actress. We have committed mistakes and we have certainly made serious introspection over the recent developments. I think we will behave with a little more maturity. We have spoken to each other many times during my visit to jail to meet Darshan. I hope our bond will be strengthened and in the future our life would be more cordial.”


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