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Coconut Oil Most Inexpensive Way of Hair Care

Coconut oil most inexpensive way of hair care


Coconut oil is most easy and inexpensive way to keep your hairs smooth and shiny hares.

Present days according to experts they are getting more complaints on dandruff, ruff hair, and breaking hair. One of the main concern for such hair problems is pollution and our lifestyle.

If you gave curly hair it requires even more care then straight hairs.

Coconut oil most inexpensive way of hair care

Coconut oil most inexpensive way of hair care

According to ayurveda experts some of the main hair problem occurs due to Climate change, Using chemical based shamppos, excessive stress, Pollutions, Drinking less water and eating low nutritation food.

One of the best and inexpensive ways to keep you hairs happy is use coconut oil on regular basis; hair care does not require any expensive treatments. Coconut oil is 100% natural and it does not have any expensive chemicals. In ayurveda advantages of using Coconut oil for all types of hairs are explained in detail. Coconut oil also keeps your head cool.

To prevent various hair problems one should use hot coconut oil massage 2 time a week, if anyone have dandruff problem use the same method but add little lemon in hot coconut oil before starting the massage.


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