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Shahrukh Khan Apologizes to a Girl at The Promotional Event of Ra.one

Bollywood Gossips 2011 | Shahrukh Khan apologizes to a girl at the promotional event of RA.One

The Latest Bollywood Gossip that is making news is about the mega budget film Ra.One and Shahrukh Khan’s apology to a girl for using the word DUMB at the promotional event of the film RA.ONE.

Shahrukh Khan said “I am keen to act in Tamil movies but only in a “dumb” character because I do not know the language and it would be difficult to deliver dialogues with perfection.”

This led to a sharp reaction from an audience who said the actor should avoid using the word ‘dumb’ while referring to people with speech impairment. Promptly apologising, Khan asked Jayashree for the right word to be used to refer people with speech impairment and she suggested “you can use the word mute.”


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